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Nancy M. Wells, Ph.D.
Nancy earned a joint PhD in Psychology and Architecture from the University of Michigan and completed an NIMH post doc in the School of Social Ecology at the University of California, Irvine before joining the Cornell faculty in 2001.  As an environmental psychologist, Dr. Wells studies the effects of the built and natural environment on human health and health behaviors.

Email: nmw2@cornell.edu


Kristin A. Cheek
Kristin is a fourth-year PhD student in Human Behavior and Design in the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis. She received a BA in Psychology from Wesleyan University and an MA in Forest Social Science from Oregon State University. Kristin’s research focuses on ways the built and natural environments support sustainable and healthy behaviors.


Anna Gannett
Anna is a masters student studying Environmental Psychology in the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis. Prior to Cornell, she worked as an environmental educator for the National Park Service. Her research interests include parks and green spaces, and how these places connect to physical activity and mental health outcomes. Post-graduation, Anna plans to work in the public or private sector towards developing healthier communities.

Micah Baclig
Micah is a masters student in the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis studying Sustainable Design. Micah recevied his B.F.A. in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design and has previously worked as a freelance designer and teaching artist in Providence, RI. While in Rhode Island, he also launched his own product and company through crowdfunding. Micah’s research interests relate to how we think about waste and waste management systems.


Sarah Edwards ’19
Sarah is a senior majoring in Human Biology, Health & Society. She is passionate about the effect of the environment on human health, as well as psychology and population trends. She is currently pursuing a career in medicine.

Briana Lui ’19
Briana is a senior majoring in Human Biology, Health, and Society. As a Rawlings Cornell Presidential Research Scholar, she is currently working on a project examining nature perscriptions among pediatricians. Briana ultimately plans to integrate her interest in environmental health into a future career in medicine.

John A

John Alvarez ’19
John is a fourth year student studying Biology & Society with a concentration in Health Policy, and a minor in Nutrition and Health. John hopes to one day intertwine his knowledge of the various facets of health and become a physician. Later in his career, he would also like to make a societal impact as a hospital administrator or policy maker.

John A

Sarah Kazi ’19
Sarah is a senior majoring in Psychology. She is passionate abou the effect of nature on mental well-being, particularly depression. Sarah plans to pursue a MD-PhD in the long run.


Edan Elias ’14
Edan received a BS in Human Biology, Health, and Society from Cornell University. His interests lie in nutrition and healthcare policy, and he is interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Edan is now an Analyst at Ascension Health in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Krista Galie ’16
Krista graduated with a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences in the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University. She is particularly passionate about nutrition education with a newfound interest in public health. She plans on pursuing a career as a Registered Dietitian in the future.

Jia Gao ’14
Jia graduated with a B.S. in Human Biology, Health and Society at Cornell University. She is particularly interested in nutrition and women’s heath. Jia plans to apply to medical school.

Alex Gensemer ’13
Alex received a MSW from NYU Silver School of Social Work and a B.S. in Human Development from Cornell University. Alex is currently a Research Analyst at CUNY Office of Research, Evaluation, & Program Support (REPS). Previously, she worked for 3 years at the McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy & Research. Alex is passionate about college access and achievement.

Beth Myers, Ph.D.
Beth received her PhD in Human Behavior and Design in the Department of Design & Environmental Analysis in 2015 and is now a post-doctoral associate in the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell.  Beth earned a MPH degree from Temple University and a BS in Kinesiology from James Madison University.  Beth is passionate about evidence-based environmental strategies to motivate children to get outdoors and move.

Ivy Mumo ’14
Ivy graduated with a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics in the Nutritional Sciences Department at Cornell University. She is passionate about nutrition education and counseling and intends to pursue a career as a Registered Dietitian in the future.

Alvin Nugroho ’16
Alvin graduated with a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University. Alvin’s career plan is to attend medical school, but he is passionate about topics in nutrition and obesity, especially among minorities. He is currently working for Rand Corporation.

Aaron Ong ’17
Aaron graduated with a B.S. (Hons.) in Urban & Regional Studies from the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning. As a Rawlings Cornell Presidential Research Scholar, Aaron was a research assistant with the Wells Lab throughout his undergraduate career. He’s passionate about using urban planning and design as tools for alleviating socioeconomic inequities, and is now working as an urban planner for the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore.

Kim Rollings, Ph.D.
Kim is now an Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture at Notre Dame University. Her interests include quantifying effects of the physical environment on mental and physical health to inform architectural practice, policy, and the creation of healthy, socially responsible, and sustainable buildings and cities.

Bonnie Sanborn
Bonnie received her MS in Environmental Psychology from the Department of Design & Environmental Analysis in 2015. She studies community resilience, social capital, and collaborative work/living spaces. Bonnie has a BA in Anthropology from CSU Sacramento and GIS training from American River College. Bonnie worked as a Planner at Stantec in Houston, Texas and has now returned to Cornell to join the Center for Regional Economic Advancement.

Lauren Todd ’10
Lauren Todd completed a BS in Health Biology, Health and Society from Cornell University and an MS Nutrition Education from Tufts University before joining the Wells Lab as a Project Manager.  Lauren’s interests lie at intersection of nutrition and psychology. She is especially passionate about studying eating behaviors among children and adolescents.  Lauren is now pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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